Women in Technology Turkey


Bu sayfayı Türkçe görüntülemek için buraya tıklayın.

Welcome to Women in Technology Turkey

Are you a woman working in the technology field? Or are you a woman studying computer, electrical or software engineering? Maybe you just like attending tech events?

Here is a community for women in Turkey who are interested in technology.


Creating a network for women in technology from all parts of Turkey.

What do we do?


How can you join us?

We are looking for women who are interested in technology, are willing participate in tech events and want to engage with the community.


This is where all the discussions are held mostly. You can get an invitation to our workspace by sending a mail to us which tells a little bit about who you are and your passion for technology. You can send your mail to: witturkey [at] gmail.com


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Contact Us

witturkey [at] gmail.com